I'm looking to buy a 6505 off of a friend, and he's selling it cheap because it has this intermittent crackling noise.. He says it happens only once in a while but I just want to know some causes for this and whether it's easy to fix as I'm interesting in buying the amp.

Thanks guys
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could be tubes on their way out or more likely some wires could be coming loose or are damaged

I should've mentioned, he said it possibly would be tubes going out.. I'd be happy to buy some new ones if that is the case which I would take some recommendations because I know nothing about tubes... But have owned tube amps before...

EDIT: Haven't tried it yet I tought I'd just get some diagnostics from UG first.. Long time lurker, only just registering..
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Tap on the tubes with a pencil while they're on and you'll find out.

You can also try pulling the tubes and reseat 'em a few times. Sometimes that'll work.

Tubes comes with different prices depending how good you want them to be. I retubed all my amps with Mullard Reissues and I'm happy with 'em.
Parker PDF30
Vox VT40+
Eurotubes 6505 page

Which of these packs would be the best for thrash.. But occasionally crossing over into death/deathcore?

I don't really want to buy tubes one at a time because I really haven't ever bought tubes before or installed any.