Hi to all UG Community...

I´m gonna buy a new guitar, so i come down to this two

: Schecter Demon 6

: Jackson Rhoads

So sorry about the links are in Portuguese

The thing is, i dont know how good are the pickup´s but i think the Jackson its much more beautifull but the Schecter have a tremolo witch i want too...

Sooooo can someone give me an ideia?

Sorry bout the bad english, i´m Portuguese....

I've had better experiences with Shecters than with Jacksons. Not too sure about the pickups, but I'd say it's better to get a guitar with bad pickups and a floyd than good pickups and a normal bridge, assuming you want a floyd that is. Pickups are easier to change than bridges, not to mention Shecters kick ass in general. Better deal imo.
As much as I'd love to say go for the Jackson, unfortunately the JS series is barely Jackson.

Go for the Schecter- it has nicer features for the price. Try to avoid the entry level Jackson JS series

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Schecter Omen/Damien over Jackson js30 series. The JS30 is really entry level stuff while the Schecters are more mid level.
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