We all know that the 1959 gibson les paul is worth a million billion, and old fenders cost more than the moon. Not to mention original Marshalls and Voxs that sell for a good few grand.
Today you can buy reissues of these classics, which also have quite a hefty price tag attached, but are they really worth the money? Well as far as i can see, no. They may be good, they may be great, but are they as good as the originals? Probably not. And even worse, they don't have the history behind them. So why do they cost so much? To be quite honest... i have no idea. As far as i can see they will depreciate like a stone. I just can't see that in 30 years time people will want an old reissue of what used to be a great guitar or amp. And they certainly won't be making a reissue of a reissue. And while people get caught up in all this classic tone blah blah blah, they seem to forget that the manufacturers are still making brand new, original guitars, that in most cases are as good, if not better than the reissues.
That's why i am writing this, because I don't want to pay a million for an original, nor do i want to buy a copy. I want something that will be great, and make me money!
I researched into many guitars from many manufacturers to find, firstly, the guitars that i think will be future classics. Here's my list;
Prs Custom 22/24 - This is my top tip! It's pricey, but i really think it will be a true future classic, simply because it is THAT GOOD.
Gibson Les Paul Custom - It's kind of playing it safe, but it is a great guitar and with time is likely to gain that much sought after heritage. The same goes for the fender stratocaster custon, or standard, and the sg standard. Maybe a Telecaster aswell.
Mid Ibanez guitars - The ones without the locking trem and all that nonsense. Thats all you are paying for really, the mid range ones sound the same, just without this features. They are great guitars but well priced, so you aren't really losing out if i am wrong.
I don't know much about amps really... so it's hard for me to say, but my instincts tell me that bogners are on the up.
Please do comment and share your opinions and tips. Thanks.