Alright. My spending range is ~800, I like the explorer shape but don't need it, I play deathcore, metalcore etc. I really like actives and I need a fast neck. I'd prefer not to go used. What I DID have my eyes on was the recently-released ESP LTD EX401DX. But, I have the ex400 which is nearly identical aside from the FR and flame maple finish.

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Love you too, babe.
like i stated in the other thread schecter makes really good guitars for the price.
in terms of specific models it depends on if you want mat finish or gloss active pickups or passive if your playing metalcore and death metal id suggest a hellraiser thats basically the top of the line schecter before the american custom shop stuff.
i have a c-1 hellraiser fr with emg 81 and 89 coil tap pickups,set neck.
the blackjack is similar but with seymour duncan blackouts and a mat finish on black and gloss aged white.
the omen series has passive pickups and a bolt on neck
but all in all you really have to look at their website to see what shape and stuff you want
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