Well I already posted this in original recordings, but no one actually analyzes the songs there. So listen to it on my profile if you want.

Not much to say, its just my bands new song. The lyrics are mostly comedious in nature.

C4C of course.
Cattle Castration.zip
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I liked it. Very much.
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You sir, are a genius.

I salute you.

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Its pretty cool. I LOVED the part at bar 84 :P
The chords on the bass were pretty cool along with the bass part end of the verse.
The only thing i can say is try to make your riffs flow a little better.
Also try to make the bass do somthing different from the guitar. Especailly at bar 61. It should do more of a bassline sort of thing rather than cop the guitar.
The echo effect in the breakdown was pretty original too.
The solo was cool too.