Hey folks, I'm going to be moving to college in a few short weeks and I'd like your input on a nice new amp for practicing and jamming with neighbors. I've been playing for about two years now and I play mostly rock-- alternative, indie, punk, classic-- you know, the works. I currently have a Crate BT15, but it sounds like ass which is why I'm in the market for something new. Being a poor college student, my budget is somewhat conservative, but I'm more concerned with getting a quality amp than I am saving money. Any suggestions?
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I would suggest either
Acoustic B10
10 inch speaker
10 watts

Acoustic B20.
12 inch speaker
20 watts
Since you're going to be in a dorm, do you have any space limitations, both in the room and in the vehicle you'll be using to move your stuff?
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I have a small dorm (like 14' by 9' or 10') and I bring my Acoustic B200
it doubles as an end table!
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I probably will have space limitations, to an extent-- since I'm primarily looking for a practice amp, though, it shouldn't be a concern. I'm afraid I have yet to see my dorm room so I don't know exactly how much space I'll have, but it might be best to play it safe with a smaller amp. I own a pretty big 100W amp that I'll be leaving at home.
@lordofthefood1 Yeah, I have a friend who is thinking about doing that, actually. I would do that but I don't want to take my chances, having not seen the room.
**** everyone on your floor and bring a half stack.

but really.

i would get an ashdown perfect 10.
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if your beds are anything like mine, they should be extremely adjustable and you'll be able to fit it under your bed if there isn't enough room. I think that amp would be fine, space wide.

amps with booming lows are fun to have in college, rap music basslines are awkward, but very fun once you learn them (I used to know a bunch of them cos of my neighbors)

Perhaps the B20 is something good for you though, size wise, watt wise, and such. It has a 12, which would be the main tonal thing to get used to (well, in lines of timbre). I've heard they have nice sounds (both 12's and Acoustics (well, I have an Acoustic and I like it, though I have a 15"))
Lord Gold feeds from your orifices and he wants to see you sweat.
Lord Gold probes you publicly and makes your pussy wet.
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The Orange Crush 35B is probably the amp you want, its a quality practice amp that has a headphone jack and can get quite loud when you crank it up.
get a DI box and a louder amp. plug headphones into the DI.

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