K guys, ive been playing for almost a year, and I dont want to sounds cocky, but any guitar teacher or store owner i see syays "your self taught?" so i guess im around an intermideate playing level. I know scales, understand how chords go together, and im a fast learner. i started with a fender STARCASTER (note* not strat!!) i know, brutal... but its a fun little toy. Then for easter i went to a local guitar shop and got a jay turser jt-220, it looked great, and hat a les paul-ish feel, but then it started needing work. The jack cover decided it wanted to fall off the the idiots there wouldnt let me reapir it myself, then today it stopped making output. not cool.

so i ask you fellow guitarists, what should i get for my level of playing? i play classic rock, and im about to get together a band that plays something between a mix of californian rock, and grunge; tough to really call it something. but i really need/want a guitar, theyre like crack we needs them
Budget and current amp?
Schecter C-1 Classic Raven RG20 + Digitech RP50

Man, I could go for a 7 right now...
wow quick post, uhm i would liek to spend 700 and down, cant work too much seeing how school starts up in liek 3 weeks, but i have a rocktron velocity 25
get a mexican HSS Strat and use the rest on a better amp, 25watts won't cut it for band practice
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any suggestions on an amp? and a guitar lol... im going to guitar center in about a week, so id like to know what i should aim for, i mean there is ALOTT of guitars to choose from lol
sorry bout double post... any amp sugggestions or shoudl i make a diff thread lol


or pick which one:

I showed you this on guitar center because I'm a firm believer that you need to hear it yourself before buying. Each guitar has its own sound, so its impossible to know whether those will sound like my stratocaster. My strat holds up to any genre, from classic rock to progressive death metal, so if its anything like mine u'll be fine. However, you should try it out yourself.

Second suggestion: go to a big guitar store and try everything you can get ur hands on for the price you're willing to pay and a little more(you may be able to haggle, i always do successfully). You'll find ur fit, but its always nice to do research before hand and ask people, but just know you may not leave with the guitar you thought you would.
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il be sure to check those out in a few days, your right, guitars vary, even if they are the same. and ive heard that fenders only sound better with age, my jt-220 started crackling after 3 months -.-
Crackling could have just been a sodering problem with the input. Thats what I have happening in my Viper-50 right now, once I find my sodering tools (harder that I thought it would be...) I'm resodering the wires.
Schecter C-1 Classic Raven RG20 + Digitech RP50

Man, I could go for a 7 right now...
same with amp lol, alot of people here are line 6 haters, yet they still stay on the market, some people must like em lol. I had one for a while, didn't see anything wrong with it for the price i payed. Go, plug ur guitar in it that u think ur gunna buy into every amp in the store within ur price range, and play around with it. See if you get the tones you like. Once you picked out the guitar and amp you like, go home and research, look to see if its a sturdy, well-built and well-lasting amp/guitar. If it passes that test, and you already know you like the sound, go for it. I merely suggested strat because i love them, mine has been sturdy, and they hold up like wine if u get the right one and take care of it. Happy shopping, you got ur work cut out for ya before school
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true that, oh well seniorsss!!! XD lol.
i do liek the feel of the strats, but whats the difference with the mexican one vs. the american standards? just price?
craftsmanship, quality, wood sometimes, price, the name, resale value, its a little of everything or nothing. While I suggest first trying to get an american made because of some of the things I've heard, mexican mades aren't bad guitars. I only had an american made so I can't tell you if the rumors are exactly true, but any strat is good in my book as long as it sounds right, the users online dont consistantly say it falls apart and most of all it feels good to you.
Price, electronics, wood, features. Play em all and buy what plays the best, there's some really nice MIMs out there. Also some REALLY nice American Standards and Deluxes out there. And some pretty crappy ones.
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price for that rig?

about 900. you could save some by getting a squier classic vibe it would still be pretty good its about 150 less then the mim strat.
like my knock off? XD thanks guys this has been alot of help, time to head to amplifications!!!