I am selling a Zune 30gb. its buy it now of best offer and i will go as low as 70 dollars. it has about 1000 songs in hq audio. and about 10gb of videos. none of them porn (idk if thats a good thing or bad thing for some of you, but, im sure you can do that yourself). all of the movies are also high quality and newer movies. also there is some 64 episodes of That 70's Show. So if you like that, its a good deal. This is the most reliable MP3 player i have ever. has great battery life, wireless marketplace access and a free leather zune case. i have never had any problem with this device, it charges fast, syncs fast and performs all around fast. also comes with all the Zune games. if you have an Xbox 360 you can easily sync them and watch anything on your Zune on the tv through your xbox.

Thank you!!!

please ask questions.
there is a classifieds forum
PSN USERNAME: MetuulGuitarist7
feel free to add me
ok, thank you WTF!! im glad you actually told me. instead of right off the bat think the internet is a place to be serious and an ass hole. as for cameron, you're an asshole.