Inspired by the August Burns Red thread. Post your favorite line from a song. Pretty straight forward

Here's mine:

"Don't say another word, you've crossed the line!" as heard on Constellations by August Burns Red. It sounds so awesome with the breakdown.

bitch yous a ho.
you try to get in my pants but i always say no
bitch yous a ho

too many threads about this and yea the ligeia is a joke
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It's hard for me to not just type ABR's entire discography. I guess I'll stick to, "Open your closed mind, and close your open mouth." Also, BtBaM's Son of Nothing's lyrics are amazing.

I know some PTH fan is going to say, "There's a U and I in union, but just an I in my beliefs," which is amazing line.
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^ I'd also like to add on "There's a crashing plane with a banner that reads everyone's naive" to that.
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I thought the whole idea of post-hardcore was to mix techno and hardcore.....
Blackout by Advent


Fear grips the heart of man as locusts black the sky
Over a nation that takes a stand for crooked
Spineless, murderers, self-righteous thieves

They slither on the ground like a venomous disease
They drink from the cup of ruin and desolation
And they will soon choke on the blood of the innocent

Tears for tears, vengeance for vengeance
You sow in deceit and you reap the consequences
Bloodshed for bloodshed, the treacherous betray
You sing a song of grace, but with terror you repay

All your enemies will blackout the sky
Over this wicked land for your atrocities
Of enslaving the oppressed, backlash
The weary catch a breath pushing back against the wall
That held the captive in

You will pay, you will pay, you will pay, pay
For selfishness and greed, for endless hypocrisy
For crimes against humanity your judgment is released

Meet your doom, how can you be so blind to the truth?
Meet your doom, how can you be so blind?
Meet your doom, meet your doom

It will come swiftly for all to see, for all to see
Drawn and quartered, drawn and quartered
Drawn and quartered for all to see
Drawn and quartered

America will plead for innocence
But mercy will not be given to the merciless
Only punishment
Pack your fists full of hate, take a swing at the world
My style is impetuous.
My defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious.
I want your heart.
I want to eat your children.

-Mike Tyson
in b4 pull the trigger bitch

on a serious note: pretty much last lights' entire discography
Method of Groove

"Hardcore without punk isn't music, it's a genre of porn.
Punk isn't a genre of music, it’s a thought process."
Not quite, pull the trigger bitch, but Whitechapel's Vicer Exciser always makes me want to crush something.

if the good die young we'll ****ing live forever
"If the good die young, we'll fucking live forever"

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Genital Warts > What Separates Me From You

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Genital warts, what separates me from you
its 3 am and i want some nachos
i had some about an hour ago
im flat broke and i need some more
cant afford to go to the store

i love frogball

drinking beer while I'm shooting dear
100% american right here
Method of Groove

"Hardcore without punk isn't music, it's a genre of porn.
Punk isn't a genre of music, it’s a thought process."
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this might be a little cliche but i dont care

I'm here to wrap my hands around society's neck.
Slowly slip away against a lifeless grip.
A long painful death is what you deserve.
Open your mouth, bite the ****ing curb.
Born into a vicious circle, you learn to cut at the throat.
Watching people lining up in tight single file rows, I still revolve around a world I choose to cut off.
One nation under God over a burning cross
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yeah i remember when i had a good conscience. now i dont give a ****

smoke weed, drink 40's, **** titties
Just so you know the next time you suck his ####
You're tasting the blood of a Pirates fan
Tell me how much lower can you go in life?
You f***ing B**ch?
We are NOT meaningless

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Thou shalt always go for greatness
Thou shalt not commit adulthood (ALL)
Thou shalt not partake of decaf (ALL!)
Thou shalt not have no idea (ALL)
Thou shalt not allow anything to deter you in your quest for all (ALL!)