ive been told to ditch my rocktron velocity 25, but ive been told to get a new amp along with my new guitar, looking at mexican hss or american standards, play just abotu everything, depends oin my mood. im im mad, crank up the distotion, if im sad put on some delay and put it to clean. i have only played for a year, and im self/ youtube taught, but people, including random dudes at gc say im a good player.
Do you want tube/sold state. Do you play loud? Do you just need it for room practice? Buget?
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ive never used a tube, but i hear they are costly, id liek to spend 300 and under, i know that doesnt give a whole lot of choices, it would go in my basement a.k.a my practice room, and there is plenty of room. i liek to play loud, but not ear bleeding loud, but im also looking to make a band. so an amp that costs little and packs a punch would be terrific