Sam Ash is advertising the Gibson SG Diablo for $1300, and it looks sexy as hell. It's the best looking guitar I've ever seen in my life, and that's not hyperbole. But is it worth the money, aside from looking amazing?
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hmmm, on MF it says it was discontinued. but it seems like a nice guitar, just remember to try before you buy, but it IS a higher end gibson, so i think it will be very solid, good luck if you purchase it.
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yeah, i think the regular price is around 3000. so its a great deal anyways.

I'd say its very similair to the sg standard, just with different (better, imo) looks.

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I don't know if my local store actually has it, but I'm hoping (and doubting) that they do.

And if they do, I'm selling everything I own to buy it.
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**** you, i live in uruguay.
i like them. the carved top looks a little weird on such a thin body, but they're pretty cool. and they're normally $1800, so i'd say $1300 is a pretty good deal
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It's one of the best limited releases from Gibson.

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Buy it, no questions asked if its worth $3000 and your getting a deal at $1300. Even if you odnt like it you can hold on to it for a bit and sell it for over $3000
It's brilliant. That's all I have to say.
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Easily one of the most beautiful guitars from Gibson.
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The Diablo is my favorite Gibson SG I want the first one that came in metallic red but they did a metallic white one as well.. I found them on the site when I did a search it didn't come up.

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Not surprised, they only made 1000. If you ever see one though you should pick it up, they're amazing instruments, if a tad over priced.
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It looks amazing, and for that price it's a steal, as they've been discontinued. I think they were only their Guitar of the Month or something. Pity we can't have more Guitars of the Month like the Diablos. *coughHOLEYEXPLORERcough*
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Its pretty much a carved SG with 24 frets, burstbuckers, and less controls. It will probably sound different from a SG, because of the neck, pickups, and tone controls.

and the carved top
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Thats a steal. Get it!

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