So these are my plans.

When I return home in January, I plan on completely bastardizing my Ibanezs470 QS to how I want it. It's my first guitar, I got it when I was 14. I've had it for 8 years now, and I supposedmy heart is too tightly wrapped around it.

First off, I'll start by saying when I bought it, I wanted my first guitar to have a Floyd Rose, not really knowing what it would give me. Well, that has to go. I HAVE lived with it. I HAVE blocked it off with a piece of wood...I'm just tired of having it there. I was never much of lead player and will probably never become such. Even if I did, I still wouldn't benifit much from it. So that's coming out. The cavities are getting filled with wood and bonded. Hardtail is being installed. I realize that the finish of the alteration will not match the rest of the body, but it's a bastard, MY bastard.

I'm not sure what to do about pick ups. My current output set up is...well, bad. But that can always be changed. I'm not worried about that. I'm considering blackouts. Really, I am. I've pretty much eliminated EMG's from my mind, but I haven't really explored the passive world. I'll have the center pickup disconnected and have just the bridge and neck pups working. have the setup modded to 2 tone 2 vol.

I figure I'm probably going to completely destroy any resale value, at least to a store/company. i can always sell it first hand and make it someone elses bastard.

but ive always really wanted to do these things. and im pretty sure im going to do it when i get back from iraq in january. no sense in putting it off.

just wanted some opinions/thoughts/"why would you replace your floyd OMG!!" about it is all.
"why would you replace your floyd OMG!!"

it would be loads better to sell it and get something you actually want. Also it will be preety expensive even if you do it yourself, (pickups and bridges arnt free)
Yeah, personally I would just sell it... but you do what you want with it. I say refinish the entire guitar once you take the trem out. What kind of finish does it have already? Is it like a quilt top or anything? What kind of bridge are you planning on putting in it?
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^ A QS is a quilt top.

It won't be worth much to sell, having the LoTRS and all, so I'd just go for it without the fear of fucking it up. You could always reuse the good parts later.
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yeah its a quilt top.

honestly i havent thought too indepth about what kind of bridge, because i dont know what kind of options ill have once the work is done.

and about the finish....thats probably way outta budget. considering the work that would need to be done. id do it myself but....ive heard horror stories.

im hoping to keep whatever i do under 400 from pocket. so if i do sell it ill have a 400+sell value..but then ill have to buy another guitar...but then ill just need to get the pups.

but i also dont want to buy a pos, and drop in hots, cause that almost seems like purpose defeat.

im in a tight bond but im not. it really depends how much i could get for it. im sure not much. seeing how old it really is.
Does it irritate anyone else when this is full of pictures and shit?
i sold my S470DX not the S470DXQM for 250... yeh it was preety old to i think 2001

sell it and use the rest to get a better guitar
i sold my S470DX not the S470DXQM for 250... yeh it was preety old to i think 2001

sell it and use the rest to get a better guitar


take your frustrations out on the al qaeda insurgents not your guitar