Hi, im learning Mute City from F-zero game. I got the tab here (It's a guitar pro tab)


So, around seconds 21-22 of the song, and from so on, there is this thing, i think it's a legato, I dont know how to play it.


The way I play it... on the fourth string, I pick the 8 fret and hammer the 10, then on the third string I pick the 7 fret and hammer 8 and 10 frent, then on the second string I pick 8. The problem is, the frets I hammer sound too low compared to the ones I pick, and I dont even know if im supposed to play it like that.... Help please
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You need to hammer on pretty hard to make it as loud as a picked note.

Try slowing down and getting every note even in volume before speeding up.
Just tried it.

I basically do it the same way as you described.

I start with my middle finger picking the 8 (A#), hammer the 10 (C) with my pinky.

Then I pick the 7 (D) with my index, hammer the 8 (D#) with my middle finger, and then the 10 (F) with my pinky.

Then just pick the 8 (G) with my middle finger.

That seems like the only way to play it that fast, but GP can sometimes be deceiving and the notes in the real song may differ from what's tabbed out.

Just keep practicing it and getting it down precisely, then work on speed and you'll eventually pull it off.
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