I'm thinking of messing with the volume and tone pots on my Ibanez to try out some new wiring ideas, then I recall reading something about using 250k pots for a warmer tone and 1meg pots for a brighter sound.

I was curious, and I'm wondering if anyone has done this before...

What happens when you use a 1meg pot for the volume and a 500k pot for the tone controls?

Or what happens when you use a 500k pot for the volume and a 1meg pot for the tone controls?

Under my UG searches, it suggests that the 500K may choke off some of the high end of the 1 meg pot. However, would the choke be more evident if the 500k pot was at the volume or the tone knob?

Anyone with experience to share?

Is there a recommended mix or mixes that don't do anything?

Thanks in advance everyone.
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the effect is only perceptible with the volume pot(s).

100k is quite warm. Probably too warm.
250k is good for single coils or overly-warm humbuckers.
500k gives singles some bite and is great for humbuckers.
1M is terrible for singles and may be too much for humbuckers depending on your taste.

experiment. your own ears are the best judge.

use the wiring thread for any and all further questions. seriously.
^do you mean "250k is good for single coils or overly-bright humbuckers" instead?