I have been throwing ideas around my head for ideas for a new neck, and would like feedback on whether or not the ideas would be good, bad, or even possible. I have absolutely NO experience building guitars, and usually play in drop D, Drop C, and Drop B in styles like metalcore, thrash, etc. I apologize for being a noob.

First of all the wood I would be using would either be maple or mahogany. The fretboard is almost certainly going to be ebony. Now, I've have been debating whether or not to make it a 3pc neck or a 5pc neck. I also have been debating whether or not to go set neck, neck-thru, or maybe even set-thru. I am very cautious with my instruments so the need to take of the neck would be unlikely.

Earlier today I got another idea in which instead of making a standard 25.5" scale neck, I could opt for a baritone neck either 27" scale or 28 5/8" scale. I played bass for years before switching to guitar so the extra scale length would, I hope, feel more comfortable to play. I obviously would go to GC or something to test out a few baritone models before i went in this direction.

tl;dr: Would it be logical, or even possible to construct a neck-thru/set-thru 5pc 27" scale neck out maple or mahogany?
possible, yes.

logical, maybe, but id suggest a laminate neck (one piece of maple/one of mahogany/another of maple side by side) for strength as opposed to one solid piece.
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I havent thought of using both woods on the neck construction. I've been unsure as to which wood to use as I hear it is better for the overall tone if you use the same wood for the neck as you did the body (mahogany) but I also hear that harder woods (maple) add more sustain and I also would like to add a little brightness to the tone to add to some bad ass melodies.
cool, a baritone neckthru!

but 6 strings? or 7 ? or a 8

and drop tuneings aint cool,

i wanna make a 8 string @ 28, or 30inch length, neckthru too...
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cool, a baritone neckthru!

but 6 strings? or 7 ? or a 8

and drop tuneings aint cool,

i wanna make a 8 string @ 28, or 30inch length, neckthru too...

I have contemplated 7 strings, but decided against it because I do just fine with 6 and don't really want the hassle of having to get adjusted to the 7th (or 8th) string. I really wouldnt consider it a baritone in my opinion as I would be using the same tunings as a normal 6 string would. I don't know how well the baritone/guitar would function in E standard, but I rarely use that or Drop D anyways. I am thinking I will get some sort of drop tuner for the 6th string so I could have my axe in C# Standard and be able to drop it to Drop B on the fly (but I dont know how well one of those would work considering I have never used one and they are designed to go from E down to D, not C# to B.)
You're going to need to find thin strings if you want a similar tension to a standard scale guitar if you plan on playing in E standard, but the lower tunings mentioned should work alright.

Maple is a stronger wood for your neck, but as long as you laminate it to 3 or 5 pieces you should be fine whether you choose maple, mahogany or a mix.
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i also have plans for a 7-string baritone thruneck at some point... probably next on the list, if my current project ends well