Tonight im ordering either the Vox ACTV4 or the EPI VJ half stack

Im leaning towards the Vox right now, any suggestions?
Is this a bedroom practice amp!? If so, either will suffice. But id go for the Vox for the late night playing.
Bedroom playing, idc how loud it gets at that wattage. Ill be home alone all the time, something I can carry around. My Vox AC50CC is 80 lbs lol
I keep a champion 600 in my room most of the time so i dont have to carry my other amp up and down stairs. So i see where your coming from. Id say neither is bad. Can u play both? the epi is cheaper, but also has no eq. if you consider the eq on the vox anything at all really. Id say epi for price, but thats because i get paid minimum wage and have a car that gets 15 mpg
The Vox will be miles better than the VJ unless you mod the hell out of it.

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AC4TV all the way. The 1/4 watt option is what's leading me to get one too.
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The AC4TV responds pretty well to pedals, too. Not sure about the Epi.
AC4 for sure. Its features make it stand out.

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Love my Vj with the POD XT Live.
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