Hey guys
My friend has an Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II, and today he said the jack broke
The plate holding it in place has cracked, and the mono jack has slipped into the guitar body (from what i can tell. Ive only seen the pic below so far.)
He says he cant plug his guitar in, and replacing it professionally would take a few weeks. i think i could fix it somehow with some pliers and superglue to hold the plate together, but does GB&C have any better ideas?

EDIT: my bad, didnt know how big the pic was. only saw it in gmail.
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some kind of epoxy i guess, otherwise try to order a replacement.
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i think i could fix it somehow with some pliers and superglue to hold the plate together
No. Just ... NO.

Contact Gibson/Epi and get a new plate.
Create a new plate from brass or ABS plastic.

Don't make a mess of this with superglue.
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from that pic, im guessing that you use the MONO function more

but, just wondering, how is it stereo?
neck pup L, bridge pup R?
or something else?

cos ive never thort a guitar with stereo was usefull, stereo effects (flang, chorus, ect) are good stereo tho..
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