im looking for a good distortion pedal for around $65. im really interested in the micro metal muff so far. i was also thinking about something digitech like a hot head or something. no boss pedals!!!! i just dont like em. has anybody played the micro metal muff? what are some other possibilities? oh ya i play everything from death metal to pantera to early metallica and i have an old crate 120 watt 112.
id save up and get the metal muff, its only a few bucks more. i had it and i could get anything out of it..my dumb ass got rid of it tho.
i agree. i got the micro metal muff as a gift, if it were my choice it would have been the actual metal muff. i dont like that the top boost isnt switchable like on the regular, and the tone isnt as adjustable without its own eq, but its decent, toy around with it to eliminate its muddiness, but it can sound really good if you hit the spot. i think its worth the money if you dont like your amp distortion.