hello fellow musicians; I have a Fender 300 watt 8 channel pa. It has controls for reverb but a friend said I have to hook up an effects box . Is trhis true The model of the pa is SR8300p powered mixer. Could anyone make any suggestions on what I can purchase to have effects. I have been playing guitar for a while but always accoustic I never got into amps , but I bought this Pa and I need to learn whatever I can about this Pa system Thank you for any feedback.
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Anyway, why do you actually want effects on your vocals? It's hardly even worth it for everyday gigging; when running gigs I use only the tiniest bit of 'verb on vocals, and could easily live without it.

I'd just buy a cheap reverb or delay guitar pedal - you run it in the PA's effects loop and then the control will allow you to mix it in. You could use a guitar multi-fx, but not worth it unless you're in, say, an experimental band who uses all sorts of outlandish effects on the vocals and needs foot control.

The Behringer DR600 will do the job nicely for $25, have a play around with it and if you like using verb on your vocals you could consider buying a more gig-worthy FX processor.
What are the controls for the reverb?
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