Football has been going for about a month now with summer camp and everything, and my feet has been hurting off and on. But now for some reason it's almost unbearable (sp?) to run. I get a sharp pain in my feet around the arch and a little up my leg. Does anyone else have experience with this? And what did you do to overcome it? (If you did)
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no bro, but seriously i play football too, id stop playing and get it checked out. dude i wrestled and tore a ligiment in my shoulder and it is still very vu;nerable to being torn untill i get like in my 40's. if i hurt it in football ill be ****ed for life in that arm. so yea bro sounds like it could be serious go get it chekced out
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^^I cant even walk after I run.

And besides that I'm not allowed to ask you guys what to do, so I'm asking what you did. Or what you would do.... <.< >.>

Edit:^ Wow that blows. I'm kinda hoping I just have to sit out for like a week or two, that would suck if I cant play at all.
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My achille's tendon hurt last season all the time.
I just wore an ankle brace and sat out a practice and it went away.
I wear chucks all the time too and then my cleats were arched in the sole so try getting flat insoles if you think that might be it.
I've had it. Stretch your calves and Hammys as much as you can, or it will progress to really bad shin splints. Stretch with the team, on your own before and after practice as well as when your watching tv. It won't get better unless you do it.
If your team has a trainer, I'd ask him, but if not, I would see a doctor. Seemingly small injuries can turn into missing a whole season if not treated correctly.
^Ya we have a trainer, and she wraps my feet before practice everyday, but it doesn't make a difference. They still hurt.
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take a salt tablet
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Does your trainer know wrapping it doesn't help? These things are important.
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