I know reading books is helpful and inspirational, and I used to love reading. Now-a-days though I haven't found any books good at all. So what books are you people into?

(Just to let you know I put this in the Songwriting & Lyrics Forum cuz I need inspiration for just that.)
I'm 16 and lead a very uninteresting life. That'd take about 5 minutes.
A lot of artists seem to have found Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde inspiring, but I guess it just depends on what kind of music you're writing. If some kind of metal, maybe books about criminals or epics. There's a really good book titled Troy. I can't remember the author, but it's based on the Illiad (and easier to pay attention to than the Illiad. ) The Phantom of the Opera has inspired A LOT of my own writing, but that's just me (& I write metal, btw).
If you're writing country, maybe books about people living on farms, or something? If pop, then romance, probably.