To be succinct, I'm a very driven musician with boundless energy and a clear vision. I know that my biggest dream to form the next great American progressive metal band (). Problem is that I live in Wichita, Kansas...The live music scene here consists of country music, cover bands, and an endless stream of awful metal bands. I've tried on many occasions to start up a prog project here, but there's little talent, and those with it lack interest. I have the dedication, skill, and personality it takes to take a shot at living the dream, but I'm wasting all of that playing in a local metal band with 3 thirty-something guys who don't share my ambition. I'm at a point in my life right now where the only thing keeping me here is myself and it would be a shame if I didn't seize this opportunity!

So, that being said, I need to get out of this city to increase my chances of finding like-minded musicians and a more interested music scene. I'm not really sure where to go, though. Is there an area of the states that is more prog-friendly than average? I don't really even know where to go to start researching what kind of music is big in certain cities. Or where I can go to start networking with other musicians in the country (other than this message board). I guess I'm looking for any advice anyone can give me regarding this whole thing. I'm not really sure where to start in general . Any help or advice anyone can give me would be highly appreciated!

lots of great bands have come out of florida but i think it is kinda a dead spot in music right now sux for me

i've always herd that Seattle has a strong music scene

also San Diego has a good metal/hardcore scene, thats all i know
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Check out all the bands coming out of the East coast, especially the carolinas and such. They're all fairly progressive, bro. Good luck!
Dude I feel the same way. I live in Long Island and the metal scene is pretty **** (even lower for prog, don't let Dream Theater fool ya!!)

Nothing but scene kids music and garbage like than. The city however has an alright group

cali or seattle are good in USA

How committed are you to moving? Because the best metal scene is in Europe, particularily Norway and Sweden, they appreciate true metal.

EDIT: Their bands are also more hardcore. Bands like Slayer or Cannibal Corpse write lyrics about violence and such but never actually do it. Europeans actually do it, not that I condone it, but still...

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New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Nashville, London, Toronto, Tokyo.

New York
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there are some clear cites for certain genres, like Nashville for country and Austin for Blues & a f*** ton of inde bands... there have also been cities that birthed a wave of like-minded musicians, like Seatle during the grunge days or Boston for recent American metal. but for prog? i would say i like the idea of packing up and heading to Europe, but then what? TS, what do you know about networking in Sweeden? can you land/hold a job in The Netherlands?

i'd say your best bet is to play the numbers... lots'a musicians in LA and NY... therein lies your best chance. or you could do the mainstream thing long enough to make a buck and hire your own bandmates.
If you want to persue metal than Tampa, Fl is the place to be.

The metal scene there is growing and growing each and every year. You will find no shortages of very talented musicians here in FL.
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Go where you can find a job first, because your music will never pay you anything for a very long time. So any city you decide to move to better have a job market. Otherwise nobody will ever hear your songs. Midwest is non metal now so stay away from chicago, indy, detroit, wisc areas. All rap and hiphop bs.
Richmond, Va. also has a decent metal scene.

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from what I gather, he's not looking for a "metal scene," he's looking for prog... kinda' the same, but not really.

TS: another thought hit me. During my days at UNT (factory for many a good musician), I noticed a lot of very talented prog bands coming out of the area (look into Shaolin Death Squad if you ever get a chance). Perhaps you could post up around a university that has a great music program and build your band by piggybacking off the talent there.
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Perhaps you could post up around a university that has a great music program and build your band by piggybacking off the talent there.

Great advise!!!
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Doesn't so much matter what bands are from where. I really don't know much about prog, but check out your favourite labels that sign prog bands and find out where those labels are from. THAT is where you should move.

For the pop/rock markets.... New York, Los Angeles in the USA. Vancouver and Toronto in Canada. London in the UK.

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Dude, Wichita has some pretty good bands. (I live about twenty minutes away) Have you seen Spirit of the Stairs? Toy Sails? I just don't think you're looking hard enough lol
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Where in Maine do you live? I'm at college in New York now, but when home I live in South Portland. Maine is quite sucky for music.