I have a peavey xxx head and a 4x12 cab with 8 ohms with parallel inputs. When I plug in the parallel or two inputs should I set the head at 4, 8, or 16 ohms? I was told to set head at 4 ohms that way it adds up to 8 being put into the amp or something, but I first had it set to 8 and it sounded pretty good. I lost the manual so that's why I ask.
Make sure that whatever you plug your head into matches the speaker at any cost! Two inputs at 4 and 8 ohms are for running full stack cabinets at either ohm rating. Check with a guy at your local gutair store if you have issues with the set up, but odds are, you wont be needing to run two cabs, and running in stereo is something that I have little experiance with.
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If the cab is labeled for 8 ohms then set the amp for 8 ohms. Impedance should match and making it match should be easy when it's just a single cab and a head.
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If your amp has 8ohms parallel outputs.

1 cab = 8 ohms
2 cabs = 16 ohms
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