Just saw one on my local CL in good shape for $350. Are they any good? Seems to me the combination of a full size humbucker in the bridge and mini-bucker at the neck would give it a nice set of tonal possibilities. Any opinions on these guitars?

A little more info would be good I suppose. I've been looking for something better than my Squier affinity Strat as far as tone goes (feels nice but crappy electronics). I've been wanting something with buckers and love the feel and look of Strats, so I've been trying to find a Highway 1 HSS for a steal anywhere I can (purely because they're MIA and have a nitro finish). This intrigued me though. As for playing styles, I play mostly alternative stuff, with a little bit of blues, classic rock, and country mixed in.
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i'd say it fits your style pretty well. especially the blues and country. should be decent for the alternative stuff too, but i'm sure you know too much gain = hum on these things.
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I rather like them. That's a good price for one too, so definitely check it out. I don't like the fire paint job that a lot of them have, but the actual guitar is rather nice. Epi are great at budget archtops.
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