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After meeting many other guitarists lately, I've noticed that a great number of these guys use Jazz III picks rather than standard sized ones. What are the advantages/disadvantages of these picks? Why should I switch to Jazz IIIs?
The only reason I would go for them is for playing fast alternate picking or trem picking. Other than that, they are not that great IMO.


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I'm not sure how to put it.. they're just well-balanced picks. Lots of bounce, easy to grip, and it really rounds out your sound. Some people say they're too small, which is why Dunlop started making the Jazz III XLs (I think that's what they're called). Personally I like 'em just the way they are and wouldn't have them any bigger or smaller. I loved them so much that I bought 24 of them when I went down to my local music store two weeks ago.
They feel better to me for lower string gauges/tension/action
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Quote by Dr.Pain-MD
The only reason I would go for them is for playing fast alternate picking or trem picking. Other than that, they are not that great IMO.

They're great when you want control when playing fast.
1. Jazz III have a sharper edge compared to most other picks.
2. Slighter smaller size for a greater grip on the surface without it being too clumsy.
3. Hardy, those things last for a long time.
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they are great for playing lead stuff that requires right hand accuracy and speed
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I find that I can get better harmonics with the jazz series.

You should try the Jazzmaster 205 if you like jazz III's, blows em out of the water, if one could say that about a pick.....
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They are great for non-strumming.
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i like them, but i can't strum with them so i got the XL's, but those feel too light for me so hopefully gonna try out the jazz iii's again or see if the XL's come in a thicker size
I switched to jazz picks about a year ago and never looked back. They give you much more control over your speed and dynamics. It may take a bit to get used to tho.
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more people are switching to dunlop ultex sharps now actually, check those out
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How are they when you're funk strumming or playing acoustic strumming stuff?
They're great and you get used to the smaller size pretty quickly and it makes hitting pinch harmonics so much easier for me personally and I find I'm a lot more accurate with my picking when using them. I used to play with regular sized picks but now I find them too big and clumsy.
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I'll be totally honest in my answer here:

bought them to check them out because my guitar teacher (an 80's shred player) at the time started using them and recommended them for speed...yes they do increase speed, but I found only on single strings, for chords my grip wasn't near as solid on it, and so I couldn't hit more than 2 strings with the same attack as a normal pick.

I think the big change was Guitarworld posting an article back in 2006/2007 (can't remember when) that gave them an editor's pick and we had a massive influx of people coming in to buy 5 or 10 at a time just to try them out...they've since died down considerably, but there are still some players who use them often, I find for speed and accuracy it's fantastic, but overall playing, I still prefer a stock pick shape .88mm to 1.14mm tortex or celluloid.
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I really like them for pinch harmonics. The smaller size helps me pull them off.
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I love them, find the much easier to use for anything, I use the red ones. I find that because I like to add in a second finger to my grip when I'm playing chords and have done since I started playing, the Jazz III's just let me do it better. Plus I play a lot of riffs and such that require a me to switch between single notes and chords quickly and I find the Jazz III's just do it better than any others. All my opinion of course...
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Michael Angelo Batio uses Jazz III's. Just a little trivia fact about them.
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I use them pretty much exclusively on electric. I use something lighter on acoustic.

I find that they have resulted in an increase in control - even on chords, though some say they suck for things other than single-note shredding.

I think it's worth it to give 'em a shot, at least.
I've been using them for a few months now. Everything else - including the Dunlop Tortex 0.14mm that I've been using for 4 years - just feels massive and clumsy now.
I recently made the switch to Planet Waves Black Ice picks and love them.. There basically an oversized Jazz III. Great for lead and rhythm. Hated the orginal Jazz III's by the way
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I've never tried 'em, but I'm thinking of picking up some on the next trip to GC just to see what all the fuss is about

Edit: I just ordered a pack of 6 blacks and 6 red on ebay. So I'll see how that goes...
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I tried them and couldn't really get comfortable with them.
I'm a fan of .73 yellow turtles... they flex just enough for chord work, and don't fight you too much for faster single-note work. For shredding, they are too soft, but I don't shred anyway.
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lets start with this, if you hold a regular sized pick, theres a lot of pick left above your thumb because you only use the tip of it. So the regular ones are kinda oversized. i used to play with dunlop tortex 0.88 but the tip felt to rounded. just browsed my favourite guitarists, bought the picks they use and try em.
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Quote by blue_strat
I've been using them for a few months now. Everything else - including the Dunlop Tortex 0.14mm that I've been using for 4 years - just feels massive and clumsy now.

Same here. After you get used to Jazz's every other pick just feels awkward.
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Been using them forever now, they're amazing to play fast riffs with. Playing chords other than power chords is gonna be a little harder though, but it can be done.
Good for picking, bad for strumming. They're overall pretty good, and I 'll never go back to Fender picks when playing technical stuff. However, I hate them for strumming.

edit- They're kinda overrated imo.

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The regulars are way too small IMO, make my hand cramp. I tried them out and really fell in love with the tip and the attack you could get with them. Tried the XLs and fell in love, comfortable to hold like a regular pick, but they have with the accurate tip of a jazz pick.
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Jazz IIIs aren't chunky enough for me. They feel flimsy and still wear down a little. If you're serious about precision and speed that lasts, you should try V-Picks.

That sounds like a commercial pitch lulz but I really do love them. Completely worth it as long as you don't lose them. Be careful.

I agree Jazz IIIs can be a little inconvienent when trying to bash out open chords, but I wouldn't ever use them for acoustic, and they work just fine for power chords and the like on electric when you have a decent amount of control
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I have been using them for quite a while. Discovered them when I went to a city and tried them out...amazingly fast, and hard picks, with an attack that can't be beaten (IMO). I recently switched to the black ones and am even happier with these as they are harder and work much better for all my rhythm stuff.
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I like Jazz IIIs for leads and rhythm stuff.
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you dont have to worry about getting down on the pick to only utilize the tip of it. cuz with some of your larger picks it feels a little awkward with a majority of the pick sticking out. I personally dont like jazz 3s because i like getting a better attack than what they allow. i personally use Dunlop tortex 1mm and clayton 1.9mm i would recommend those over the jazz 3 neday
I use Jazz III XLs because they're awesome - try them
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My friend let me have a Jazz III pick and if it wasn't for the small size, I would use it for everything.
I personally use the purple tortex jazz's, which is basically two of my most favourite picks in the world combined into one, plus it's purple .

Three good things put into one =my favourite all time pick.

Unfortunately they can't do everything, but these days theres almost nothing that can do everything, you're either good at one thing, or do a lot of things half-assed. That's why I use the tortex jazz's for most of my playing, which would be metal and such, and use these other flexy dunlop picks for punk, or chordy stuff.

I would say just go to the store and buy a pack of everything, then bring them home and try them all out, then sell or give away the ones that you don't l;ike. Picks only cost a few bucks for a pack anyways.
Dunlop 2mm's are SO much better, IMO. Great thickness, they don't scratch on heavy gauged strings at all.
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i have a huge stack of ultex jazz iii's in my room. they're super easy to grip, never wear down, feel comfortable, have a sharp point for accurate playing, are really stiff for better response and control and they look awesome!

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I use Pickboy Jazz for everything. I get less volume when using them with an acoustic so I've gotta use the big picks then.
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