I've been playing since March, and I've got an OK grip on pinch harmonics, but how the crap do I play this part from Gojira's Wolf Down the Earth?

AH - - - - - - A.H

Can't quite get the AHs to show up in the correct spot, but the last part where the first five strings are muted should have the AH underneath (see: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/g/gojira/wolf_down_the_earth_ver2_tab.htm)

It sounds like a friggin' cougar in the song.
When you get more experience playing it will just come naturally and be much easy as pie.
Oh oops, wrong part. The AH below the muted strings is a mistake in the tab.
Got it! Thanks for pointing out the mistake, I checked another tab and it said pick scrape across the strings. Playin' it now!