So I decided to try and write some lyrics, I think I am getting better...at least it's becoming easier. Well here is my 3rd attempt at this and I will C4C as best I can.

A hidden message decoded.
Warnings in programmed cycles.
Cosmic disturbance imminent.
Leave behind earthly perceptions.

Observe reality,
Unearth the truth.
Reject illusions,
Pass into awareness.
Manifest resistance,
A horde of dissent.
Suppressed perceptions,
Enlightened by the stars.

The time approaches of grand celestial change.
Calls from the heavens beckon those who listen.
Within the deafening silence resides numerous dimensions.
Life within life,
Galaxies between cells.
Eternal reproduction of light and dark,
Equal resonance throughout life and death.

Hide away in a shroud of lies.
Become numb to your sense of empathy.
Assault your brothers for opposing beliefs.
To die a blind fools death...Your fate.

::Edit:: I will admit, it does read and look better when everything is not capitalized.
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cool tracklist, dude.
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I like the way you make all those big words seem less important -- or more... equal -- by using capatilization.
^^ It gives it kind of a doom/drone feeling to me, putting tons of emphasis on every word. It makes it heavy and cumbersome, slow to exhale.