OK so Im in a band and i can write bass parts for 3 string power chords but whenever i write the same idea for two string power chords it sound so bad and u can totaly hear the bass stick out any pointers

here are the chords im tring to write for btw


and there are others but those are the main ones
i dont understand what your asking, you want a bass line but dont want it to stick out, just get the bass line to follow your root notes

im assuming your in drop D
which are B - E - F#

if in standard

B - B - C#
Its definitely in a drop tuning or he forgot to tab correctly ... but, wait ... what???
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Just stick to the root notes if you don't want to be heard
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Stick to root notes.
Assuming you're in Drop D.


Powerchords sounds silly on the E and A string together on a bass.
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If the bass is sticking out too much, maybe it's volume/tone and not what you're playing? Ask the other guys if they think you're too loud.
I don't see what you're wanting to do.
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I think he means, you can obviously hear that it doesnt fit.
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this is the song and the bass is playing the root notes and its sticking out really bad
The bass isn't playing root notes.

All i can say is you will be famous. Its an annoying catchy tune.
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Hora Hybrid double bass
Hartke lh 500
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