A question regarding bass effects pedals

What would you reccomend is better? A Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive, or a Behringer BOD100 Bass Overdrive?
The Boss is slightly more expensive so is it worth it, or are they reasonably similar?

Cheers, sorry, I didnt know whether this forum was just for guitar effects so sorry if its in the wrong place
The boss would be better because behringer products tend to have horrible reliability.
Either way though, you can PROBABLY find something better than the boss for the price, but I'm not a bass effects expert so I couldn't tell you EXACTLY what to get.
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Honestly neither are very good for the price. I've owned the Boss ODB-3 and have played the behringer and neither are very good. Both sound very digital.
I would go for an analog Drive if given the choice. Electro Harmonix's Big Muff or Little big muff do wonders. Thats what the bass player from muse uses for hysteria.
I use a little big muff and also like using My Boss MT-2 on bass, killer amounts of drive and sounds good with bass actually.
Heres a video of me playing the MT-2 on Bass with the song Hysteria. Worth a listen, i think its a good Drive really

But really try to get a Muff. Their absolutely brilliant and cheap too.
Cheers, Ill check out the Big Muff,
yeah im a fan of the Muse bass stuff so Im pretty interested now haha
These are the ones that are made for guitar but work surprisingly well for a bass yes?
Yeah, they don't necessarily say guitar per say but its likely intended for guitar. There is a bass Big Muff as well but its not much differen't. I'd almost rather the regular one to it. Great pedals either way. Check them both out if you can!
Yeah I'll definitely check them out, probably the regular Big Muff cause Im a guitarist as well, that way I can use it for both.

Thanks for all the help
I haven't tried the Behringer but i do own one of their pedals and amps and yeah i just don't like them anymore, their products fail
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Personally I think they're both awful, but if I had to choose it'd be the Boss.
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