Pretty much every day there is reports of a murder or some unprovoked act of savage violence in Britain, with an increasing number by kids. Recently two young children were abducted and tortured for hours by two other children with many details of their ordeal left out of reports as they were too horrific.
Today i read that three kids all under the age of ten lured a seven year old boy, who'd been playing at a park, to a woodland area where they had already prepared a noose. They then forced his head into it and left him for dead, laughing as they ran off. Fortunately the kid managed to get out and survive but thats not the point.
This happened a month ago and these animals have not had any sort of action taken against them. Their piece of **** parents have refused to hand them in despite appeals from the family of the victim and the police.
Even if they are identified as they are under the age of criminal responsibility not much is going to happen to them.
This isn't the same as a 3 year old taking something from a shop by accident these feral bastards knew what they were doing and should be dealt with severely. Personally i would have scum like this put to 'sleep' and their organs put on the donor list so they actually make a contribution to society as if they are capable of actions like this at such a young age what will they be doing as adults?
I went to a school full of scum from the age of 5, im 20 now and the people who were bad then are still bad now so don't tell me these people are just 'troubled' or 'misunderstood' because that is bollocks.
Also we need a change in prisons. It should be several to a room chained up to allow a bit of mobility but not much (think a dog on a chain outside) with basic bread and water. Absolutley no gym equipment or luxuries like tvs and when they come out they should literally be a shell of the person they went in as to such an extent even a pensioner should be able to physically intimidate them. **** human rights they shouldn't have any, prison should be a deterrent not as holiday.
Don't know what i expect anyone to do with this i just needed to vent
Ignorance and poverty are the root of all crimes that cannot be attributed to insanity.
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I'll agree with you. Despite it being unbelievably hard for me to read.

I like the way you think though, seriously, despite it being a little harsh. Sometimes, things need to be done to people who deserve it. God has his limits, look back at Noah's Arc, so we should have ours. So, really, we're doing the world a favour by doing away with these little monstrosities.

Ok, maybe we shouldn't kill them. But they deserve more than a spanking.
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Wow had no idea stuff like that was going on,just shows how corupt people can be further influencing once innocent children..i
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pfft why waste money putting them in prison, gas is like $3 a gallon, a matchbooks maybe 1

well...at this age...i dunno. but older maybe. some ppl just deserve it.

I completely agree that the consequences for such things should be dire.
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well...at this age...i dunno. but older maybe. some ppl just deserve it.

I completely agree that the consequences for such things should be dire.

well i guess for being 10 they should be brainwashed and reabilitated for mainstream society. Turn them into blank slates, cuz idk how you grow up to be a productive member of society pulling **** like that when you're only 10.