hey there,
For fans of bands like lawrence arms, alkaline trio, greenday, gaslight anthem etc.
Please have a listen to my band, forgotten roots, at www.myspace.com/forgottenrootsuk
The recordings on there are 2 years old now (we're recording again in march) and we have changed slightly since then.
We touring soon and have quite alot going on so please have a listen
God I ****ing love the lawrence arms man. Did you hear they have a new seven inch in the works? "Buttsweat and Tears".

You guys are sweet. You sound like a UK version of very ligit chicago punk.

I especially like your drummer. All song were good.

If only your singer was a little more melodic. Either that or a little more aggressive. Not that vocals are bad. They were great. That would just fit my personal tastes a little more. Actually the end of Bats is awesome. My favorite part.c

crit mine? Listen to albatross first. I think you will like that. We love the alkaline trio too.

I'll have to look at your band sometime when I'm not at work but I definitely will!
I didn't know lawrence were releasing a 7", I was wondering when they'll next be bringing out an album, they never come to the UK on tour but I really wanna see them.

Cheers man, as I mentioned those recordings are 2 years old, our vocalist has improved since then. The end of Bats is vocal trading between me and the singer, I can't sing like.

Where are your band from?
Wow, that's all I can really say. Wow. You guys are amazing. I usually don't get to into punk rock much, either. You guys have a really accessible sound for punk rockers but you keep the punk sound; it's great. If you guys ever came to the US, I'd bust an arm and a leg to see you guys. The only crit I have to offer would maybe put a little more power into the singer's vocals. Don't get me wrong; they're absolutely great, but if he could go for more something like Sum 41's singer without copying him that'd be really great haha.

I added you on MySpace. I'm the artist known as Aesthetica. Keep it up, guys! Can't wait to hear more from you.

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Lawrence Arms are awesome, as are Alkaline Trio, so I had to check this out.

And I wasn't dissapointed.

You guys stick to your sound without all the songs sounding the same, and it actually reminds me a lot of Bayside's older albums, which is definitely a good thing. Very Alk3 as well. Nice.
Thanks alot everyone, really appreciate the support.
There is talk of coming to America in the next few years if we can arrange some sort of tour swap with an american band.
We're off to Austria and Italy in a couple of weeks then round the UK as a tour swap with a quality Austrian band called Fancy Frenetix.
Most people do comment on the vocals of those recordings and most people agree Mark's vocals have improved since then, can't wait to get some more recordings done!
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