have a look at this awesome 'plugin' for winamp.
When you play the song in winamp, it will search and automatically display the tabs and chords for the song being played!

1.install winamp5.55 or later
2.In the media library, click on online services.
3.Search for pikkipowpow and add!
4.play a song, and the tab&chords will display in the media library

go to ,,, for instructions.

That is pretty cool. I don't use winamp though. Do you know where it finds the tabs?
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I think he means press the play button on the song? As in listen to it. Not sure though.
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yeah probably. Or the circuits.
Dear god! This amazing OP!11!!1!!!

Although, I suspect a virus. Why? Because it's always a virus.

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its not a friggen virus.

if you dont wont to visit the link from this forum, search for "pikkipowpow" within the online services of winamp

you press play in winamp, and the tab shows in the media library window.
its not a plugin, its a winamp online service

1.install winamp 5.55 or greater.

2.open winamp

3.open the media library. (alt L)

4.on the left of the media library, click on online services

5.in the search bar, type pikkipowpow
Ham, sorry bout that, my bad, i'll take down the huge pic.
Anyway, i decided to try this on my old computer just in case it was a virus, avast detected nothing, rebooted several times, processes seem the same, it's working and it seems clean.