Just would like to know the general view of UG about using fender tube amps for metal.
Amps like Deluxe reverb or hot rods. I like the cleans but im not to sure about the reliabilty and the quality of hard rock metal tone gain it can give (using a pedal). Or should i considered purchasing a orange rockoverb instead. Thx for your opinions.
My view of metal is like fall of troy, dillinger escape plan, buckethead kinda sound. But, I do also like clean sounds to play john mayer, stevie ray vaughn, andmike oldfield stuff. Smooth and creamy cleans.
That will either end up with A) two amps, or B) High end amp.

So if you were going to go with two amps; I would suggest a more American voiced amp, but SRV's tone is pretty hard to nail since he used a bunch of amps which include a 30K+ Dumble SSS.
Now i'm not a metal guy but i'm guessing, modern American voiced high gain, maybe an ENGL might be your way?

It would help if you posted a buget though
You can get an ENGL, or maybe even a Diezel.

Hit up this thread;

Or check these out;(taken from the Metal Thread)

Orange ThunderVerb - 2000
Peavey 3120 ~1000
Soldano SLO – 2800
Soldano Avenger – 1300
Splawn Nitro – 1500
Splawn Quickrod - 1300
Splawn Super Comp - 1300
Splawn Pro Mod - 1400
Mesa/Boogie Mark V - 2000
Mesa/Boogie Mark IV - 1200
Mesa/Boogie Mark III - 900
Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+ ~ 4000
Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier ~1200
Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier - 1300
Mesa/Boogie F-50 ~650
Mesa/Boogie DC3 ~550
Mesa/Boogie Single Rectifier- 800
Mesa/Boogie Rect-o-Verb- 850
Mesa/Boogie Stilleto ~1000
Mesa/Boogie RoadKing ~ 2200
Mesa/Boogie Roadster ~1900
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Yep, I looked into fender because I get a good discount with them. Great amps but not really cutting it for metal with the amp alone. I think the most metal tube amp they have is the 5150III. It has TONS of gain, but still I thought the tone felt "rock" and not metal.

Plus it will run you 2,000 retail. You can get a much better metal amp for 2,000.

Like stykerwolf said, ENGL, mesa/boogie, peavy
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Engl Engl Engl Invader 150
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play the style you want on the gear you want on the gear you want. I get flack for playing thrash and death metal on a strat but I don't really care.
with 3000 a Rack setup (power amp/Preamp) would be the best.
ENGL Savage 150
Mesa Road King
Randall MTS Series(i would go with this)
Deizel Herbert
Baron K88 (it has great Fenderish cleans)
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