Im selling my 1960's kay strat,


there is a review, it is one beast of a guitar, especially with distortion, i only ever use it for lead, not as good for chordwork. It isnt for those with bad backs, its weighs a absolute tonne!! This is a very rare guitar and much much better than the cheap strats kay make nowdays and better than any squire of strat copy ive seen.

give me a few offers, im located in surrey, and dont want to post, prefer cash in hand but looking to trade aswel.
no space allowed, ive already sent you an email about it because of gumtree. is it easier to send you an email with the pictures on? and i would love to trade for your parker, it is a awsome instrument!!
infact ill take some now and send it to your email.
thanks for taking interest, please email me replys instead of doing it on here, i check emaiols alot more regularaly
I'm afraid I have not recieved emails, also, I have been offered a great trade at my local store which I'm going to have to take....thanks for the extreme interest.
sent again, jsut incase you are interested, it is a awsome guitar incase you change your mind