How do you get a message thing under the comment you've already written?

Like, I saw lots of forum posts with people posting comments, and then under their comments, there's a line going through about 1/3 of the way, and then a message under that. Some people put down their Gear, and some quotes...
It always appears under the comment you've written in every post you put up.

I already tried all the options in My Profile (well, I think I did), and I thought it was My Blog, but I don't think it was...

Sorry if that didn't make sense... But I just want to know how to do that... Thanks.
i had trouble with this too!

go to 'control panel near the top of the screen, where it says 'new posts' etc
its somewhere in there!!
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Yep click 'Control Panel', then 'Edit Signature', and that's it.

im having crazy De Ja Vu.
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Hi Mason!

It's called a signature or "sig". Go here: Important: New Members FAQ
It explains signatures and a whole lot more.

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