for some strange reason,
im starting to get callises
on my fingers, which uses the fretboard(left)
is this suppose to happen? if not,
how can i play so it wouldnt happen to
me in the future? i also have a bump on my wrist...
am i playing wrong?
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You're supposed to get calluses on your fretboard hand

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lol you're meant to get calluses on your fingers, it makes playing easier, if you really don't want them (try them first) soak them in warm water and all sorts of hand cream things and i guess thatll soften them

the bump on your wrist, is it hard like bone or can you squeeze it around a bit and toggle it, where is it? that's one hell of a swollen tendon if it's anything to do with guitar, i doubt it
I smell a noob...

You are supposed to get callouses on your fretting fingers.
Not sure what the bump is though
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yeahh... im a begginer...

i can play pretty decent songs it's just trying to
switch chords/ notes which get's me lost.
i cant play really fluent in chord changing.

i just received a capo so i've been learning song's like "kiss me"
that kind of music...

any suggestions? to be able to get better at changing chords in a timely effective