I was interested in knowing if there is a logical way of understanding the acoustic guitar, because i have a tough time using my musical ear ( not having one) , i don't think it's in my benefit to keep taking tabs and playing them , cause i dont think that will help me form a musical ear, indeed it helps to play tabs to build up speed and ultimately to have fun so here is the question:
Can you form your musical ear by using your brain and saying "Hm.. this is a G note..so listen to it 100 times and it might stick xD"?

thanks guys, for any response
that's the gist of it... I can't think of too many people who have an ear for a note without ever having played it before.

Getting an ear takes some time and practice. I've been playing for something like 13yrs and my ear still messes up sometimes. You just need to hear the notes over and over again until you start getting the feel of what each note sounds like
Just practice and make a note diagram that says the notes and the frets it's on. learning to pick while playing chords in a song helps to.
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After a while of just playing, it develops. But http://www.good-ear.com/ can help you identify intervals and things, which comes in handy for delevoping your ear AND helping you transcribe better.
Transcribing will also develop your ear too! Which in turn (as far as I know) should help you compose your own songs, which will develop your ear even further.

There are other ways of course, but those are just a few things to get you going.