Is it possible? Where would the 9v battery go? I was considering putting actives in my ibanez s3620fm, but the body is really thin! So have any of you guys fitted actives in an S series? Or no anyone who has? Or could give me some advice? Thanks
I think that the battery fits in the control cavity.
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I think that the battery fits in the control cavity.


There should be enough room there [or just move wires 'n' things to make room].
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my friend did it on a s470
it goes into the control cavity
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I might be buying an S-series with EMG's very soon, so I'll post some photos of the cavity, etc. if you'd like.
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I've fitted a set of emg into a S320 before.

the battery went inside the control cavity.
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Back when I had the one on the right, the control cavity was too tight for the battery, and the cover wouldn't close flush. I used external power.
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