intros is a bit wacky with that jungle beat the heavy riff is a bit sloppy, unless you were trying to do some polyrhythms? still needs to be a bit tighter. bit of a random stop. dont like the bass tone too much. overall a really whacky song. most would say it needs a lot of structure, but if your going for wacky then screw them. overall i think it needs a bit more tightness and a clearer guitar tone. mind criting mine?
if you only crit one id prefer creations, ill crit another one of your songs.
It's pretty chaotic. It needs a bit of work to tighten up the structure. I ended up feeling a bit lost and scared. I think with more focus you could do good things

You asked what I use to record I run my Line 6 Pod X3 live directly into my computer. I don't have a good recording program right now so I use audacity. I use Fruity Loops for my drums, I use compressors and a bit of EQing to make the drums sound better.
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I'm not sure what I think about this one. As stated before, it's crazy chaotic, but I'm not sure it's exactly in a bad way. It almost sounds like a series of noises trying to tell a story.

Work with me here:
You have the loud, hectic guitar part that could be the Ancient Monkey King attacking the city. The screeching notes are the planes flying around him "King Kong" style. Then when the low part comes back, it's the Monkey going "F you" then throwing some tanks around....or something...

I dunno, that was the music video going on in my head. I'll shut up now

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