hey anyone know whats the diffrence between the xl series and the regular?
the xl has a 10inch speaker the regular one has an 8inch.. only 15 watts though
The XL is higher gain and some people say it doesn't sound as good as the plain ADVT series.

I don't think you should buy either when the newer VT15 is out, which does everything better than the last series, supposedly.
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The "XL" stands for 'Xtreme Lead'.
A common complaint about the AD series is that they simply couldn't master extreme high gain sounds as well as some other modelers. That isn't to say that they couldn't get a good Mesa Boogie dual rectifier tone. They just suffered with extreme tones beyond that.
The XL series came out as an update to the AD series. For all intents and purposes they are identical to the AD series but have a few additional amp models that go into the extreme high gain territory. However, they have a very short run and I believe were only sold for about 8 months. Since then VOX has completely revamped the series and added in ALOT of new functionality in the new VT series.

In my opinion the AD series sounds better then the XL series. I would get either the AD or the VT series but not the XL.
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