Hey guys and gals of EG, my long search of finding my next guitar has officailly begun. I'm hoping that I can find a guitar that I'll be able to hang onto for a long time. However, I don't have many minimum requirements as far as what I want goes. I'm open to almost anything but I will give some specifics.

Essentially my one major requirement is that it must have at least one humbucker and no middle pup (With the exception of Fender Strats, every other guitar I've played with a middle pup has felt to obtrusive in its placement). I would also perfer passive pups. I'm fine with any kind of bridge, I mostly hang out in E standard or Eb standard so I imagine even if I do want to change tunings it won't be a big deal. If it's a fixed bridge I would like it to have locking tuners but they are not a must. For body stlyes I have no preference what so ever. Ideally, the guitar will have a maple fretboard but again, it's not a must. Don't care about the number of frets either.

I would also like to avoid guitars over the internet as well. I am a major proponent of always trying a guitar before you buy it, plus I love being able to kill an entire day playing different guitars. Even though I'd love to get a Carvin, I'm just very weary of dropping huge cash on something I might not even like.

The music a play is mainly metal (Thrash, Doom, Power, and NWOBHM), some blues and of course general jamming wankage. Currently I am running a fairly simple rig, just Maxon OD808 -> Krank Rev Jr. though I do play a fair bit just on an ME pedal into headphones in order to curb noise.

To give you an idea of what I have been looking at thus far, I currently have a Charvel So-Cal and a Godin Redline 3 in my sights. So that should also give you a general idea on price as well (around $1000). I've also thought about picking up some kind of MiM Strat and modding it as well, but am unsure if I want that endeavor.

Any suggestions?
shecter c-1 elite?
it fits ur playing style im not sure about pickups and i believe it is maple fretboard
the body style kinda looks like a modded strat but it looks really good and its shiny:P
most of my friends have had this guitar for years with small scratches from fail guitar spins:P
lol well ya check it out
Metal + blues = SG or Les Paul. A Tokai LP might suit you or you may get lucky with a Gibson SG, possibly used.
I can get good blues out of my Cort but EMGs are not to eberyone's taste. Also, even a semitone re-tuning is a pain in the Donkey on a floating bridge.
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T C Ellis Series 2 LP w/Skatterbrane Quiescence pups
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Alot of Schecter C-1s and Ibanez RG's fit into your catagories.
Schecter C-1 Classic Raven RG20 + Digitech RP50

Man, I could go for a 7 right now...
Schecter sounds like a good one to check out, I've played a few Hellraisers before and I found them to play pretty well, the 7 string played like a dream actually.

For the SGs and LPs, would a Raw Power model do well? Or would all that maple just end up being incredibly bright sounding? I ask because I saw a few Raw Power SGs and LPs the other day and they looked rather nice and were reasonably priced, around $900 for the SGs. Though I suppose they'd weigh a ton but I mostly play sitting down anyways.

Any specific model Reccomendations for Gibson/Epi LPs and SGs?
ESP or LTD Will Adler signature model (if you dont mind the 'camo' finish). Its got the locking machine heads, Seymour Duncan's and a really sweet sculpted heel. That plus its basically a LP which means it's a solid, loads-of-sustain, quality piece. If youre not into that then ESP/LTD have loads of other guitars that would suit your budget. Schecter is a good call too. Even one or two Epiphones. If you can find a good one theyre really good but if they suck, they really suck. Good luck!