Sup UG, I recently bought a VMI cruise strat from a yard sale for $15 it was in overall good shape for the price, Missing the tuner and saddle for the High E, the electronics work but a bit scratchy but IMHO the neck feel 10x better than a fender. Anyhow I was wondering Would it be worth my time to Fix it up? My sons are starting to want to fiddle with a guitar but I wont let them touch mine, I want to repaint, new PU's , tuners, maybe bridge (if not at least the saddles.) Now I understand I can get them a starter pack for about the same price as the parts but When I was 12 my dad bought me one(a cruise) so I wouldn't touch his guitars (but i did when he wasn't home lol) and the fact that I already have 3 very good amps, 2 they will use under supervision that's my mesa triple, and my jcm800, the 3rd is an old Solidstate Crate gx-130c (all half stacks) they will have access to whenever they want. I dont feel the need for a tin can in the house unless it holds or at one time held beer. So really I have no need for 1/2 the starter pack.

So is it worth my time? Money isnt a big concern when it comes to my boys starting on the same kind of guitar as I did you know? they will just have 1000x better tone lol.

2nd what is a Good website for cheap but good quality hardware in the US, I know musicians friend, Warmoth is only 20min drive from here, or should I just go to a guitar/Music shop being there are Plenty here in the Seattle area?

I will take any advise and consider it, negative or positive. Thanks
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How old are your sons? Maybe you want to fix up the guitar with them. They could learn some practical skills about guitar construction and maintenance, it would be fun for you, you could all bond, etc.
http://store.guitarfetish.com has cheap good stuff and yeah fix up that strat you said It feels great so repaint and get new hardware and electronics it will feel better and look better than some crappy starter and will mean more to them also they can get some practical experience in helping you rebuild the guitar
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Make: Cruise for VMI
Model: SI 46/W (S for strat & W for wood I believe)

Got this from my father-in-law for free. It is light but play-ability doesn't feel too bad. The bold-on (maple?) neck has an average feel to it, if not a little on the cheap side. Didn't sound too shabby with the current hardware and dusty old strings. The switch was scratchy and one of the tone knobs seemed to not do anything. I decided to to put a little money into it and got THIS pre-wired pickguard and some new Elixer strings. I think it will look pretty slick, hopefully it fits without too much trouble.

Free guitar, invested about $70 after shipping, strings, & strap.

I'm not sure what kind of wood the body is constructed from, but it is pretty light and porous. If anyone has any info on these guitars, please share! I think it might be from the 80's. Hopefully the body construction won't have too much negative affect on the tone, like I said, it sounded pretty decent with all the original hardware. If nothing else, it'll be a great cheap camping guitar to pair with my little BOSS Microcube