well it would be better if you try the one you buy instead of getting it online. or is that just a model reference?
Iv tried the cherry sunburst one from 1970 or something. To be perfectly honest, it did not feel much different to an Epiphone Les Paul. If your not all about the brand, i would buy the Epiphone goldtop(i think they make one) and put in gibson pickups if you want the tone they have, which is awesome by the way

Epiphone LP's are a fraction of the price of a Gibson and feel pretty much the same IMO

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if you crave the name gibson imbedded into the headstock, go studio les paul. 799.95(or .99) from guitar center. they dont have a gold top in the studio, but it has a much better sound to them, but less visual eye candies, but nevertheless, theyre still beautiful