I live in India.

I need a set of good pedals, since the amp I have is a 5 watt CLEAN amp, all tube. Its boutique, handwired, and designed for jazz.

For playing rock and blues I have an MI Audio Crunch Box.

For more agressive styles like metal(things like Melodic Death metal with virtuostic guitar solos), I need another pedal to get me there.
Now this is where the problem begins.
The Keeley MT2 looks interesting, but costs $150 US and I have to spend an additional 30 bucks to get it shipped al the way here. So its 180 bucks.

The Hardwire TL2 is available here for $130. That looks interesting as well.

I don't want to order the Keeley and later feel that I wasted 50 bucks on something as good or only marginally better. I want to know if the Keeley is ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY worth it. If there is another metal pedal in the same price range(100-150 bucks) that is better than the two pedals above, please do suggest. I DONT WANT TO SHELL OUT $180 UNLESS ITS TOTALLY WORTH IT. I want the VERY BEST I can get for the price, so I'm essentially looking for a high tone-to-price ratio; more bang for the buck. But like I mentioned, I am willing to spend on getting the Keeley shipped if it is ACTUALLY that much better.

Also keep in mind that this is probably gonna be my last metal pedal purchase, so it should be something that will last, has versatility, like a powerful EQ, working well even at moderately low gain settings, etc.

I tried the metal muff and the boss mt2, both of them sound shrill and pussylike while soloing.


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I dont know what pedal would be the best suited for Death Metal, IME that genre is very amp heavy when it comes to tone. Usually a Peavey 6505+, an Ubershall, Mesa MK IV, Splawn, or Diamond. But the Kelley Mod MT-2 is very nice, not as nice as an EHX Metal Muff, IMO, but nice.

The best Dist pedal that I have heard is the metal Muff. I get some borderline detah metal tones out of my Sovtek Big Muff with the tone set real low, but its still a fuzzy distortion, not quite as bad as the NYC model, but dirty.

Check out eBay for the Metal Muff, and watch some demos, you might be impressed.
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I've heard of the doomsday device man, but it doesnt have a really powerful EQ section, that is one of the things I need, My amp just has "volume" and "tone".
Howcome everyone from India is suddenly interested in the EXACT SAME PEDALS?!?!
I had the same dilemma a month ago...then that sushant guy...WTF?!

I dunno, I tried the Hardwire at Furtados Panjim, I liked it..it sounded pretty good through a 10 watt SS amp..

EDIT: Try the Barber Dirty Bomb, $100, you might like it
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