Well, The years of myself not asking my parents for money then being dumfounded when i have none. May soon be over, I'm applying for a part time postion (Kitchen Porter) which would fit in nicely before i Apply for Uni.

However i have not made a CV before and i'm little confused.

Should i make the CV look proffessional (Careers scotland Cv builder) or use a more basic CV (one of the CV templates on Word).

and how can i list experiences when i have little has being a KP. Should i exgerrate and claim i wash the dishes every night and i don't wish to lie.
Scotland CV builder brah
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Mine is quite simple really. I didn't use any templates, just started off with my name, contact details and the like. Then I wrote down my predicted GCSE grades - will change that to the actual grades after I get them on Thursday.

Previous work experience, then skills/interests/hobbies. You can exaggerate to a degree, but don't push it, just make sure you come off as interesting. Oh, references are good, too. Teachers and previous employers, if you did work experience at school get one from there.
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I just made a CV...
Name and Address, contact numbers, emails etc etc to begin with.

Then have a small personal statement. Saying what you enjoy doing. What you're doing at the moment etc. Nothing too lengthy.
Then school grades etc
Previous work history
Then references
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