i wanted to make my first ever build guitar sort of like a strat but dont know where i should get anything such as materials or bodys
i wanted to make it simmilar to this

i wanted to put dimarzio sd in it with a 500k pot but am confused about different sorts im also interested in hot rails
where should i get the body and neck from?
Pls help me because ill prob wire it all wrong and electrecute myself
Read through the stickies at the top of the forum, they're very helpful if you're a first-time builder. I would also suggest getting a book on guitar-building and following it.

As for the body and neck, do you plan on getting them precut or cutting the body/neck yourself?
Until you know what you are doing, don't build a guitar.

Look around these forums, eventually you'll find everything you need to know.
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^ But if he reads up on all the stuff, he can take it slowly and then go from there. I would hedge a bet that EVERYONE started from nowhere, mabe from modding and stuff, but not like, lutherie.

TS, read up a whole lot, find plans, find lumber yards and stuff, then look at hardware and techniques for the making of.
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