Poll: Which pedal is the most widely used on pro pedalboards?
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View poll results: Which pedal is the most widely used on pro pedalboards?
MXR Phase 90
2 3%
Boss GE-7
0 0%
Boss DD-3
7 11%
Boss TU-2
17 28%
Ibanez TS-9
23 38%
Dunlop Crybaby 95N
12 20%
BBE Sonicstomp
0 0%
MXR Dynacomp
0 0%
Voters: 61.
I've thrown on 8 options, yes I know it won't have everything, but I'll throw in what I've seen most often on the layouts of Guitarworld/Guitarplayer. Add in your 2 cents as well after you vote, Cheers.
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id say the tu-2 simply because...its a tuner...unless you got a rackmount one...
Where is the Vox wah? Where's the Fuzz Face? Big Muff? Phase 90? Univibe? Ibanez TS808? Maestro Tape Echo?
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basically every rig in the back of guitar world has an ns-2 in it, i've only seen one person with an isp and it was rob arnold. so i'd say ns-2.
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I've seen a ton of DL4s lately, too.
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Tube screamer or cry baby, i voted for the cry baby though, i dont think i've ever met a guitar player that hasnt used a crybaby at least once or twice
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/i'd say it's a tie between the TS9 and the NS2. if you counted all of th variants of the TS (808, 9, 9DX, 7, etc), the TS would win hands down. i know more people that use that pedal (or one of it's variants) more than any other pedal.
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I'm not sure if everyone runs it in their setup, but who doesn't own a tubescreamer???

Even if you don't see it in their "on-stage equipment". I'll bet they have one packed away at home somewhere.
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I'd say Big Muff, TS808, DD-3, DL4, Tu-2, NS-2 not necessarily in that order, but those are on just about every board I see.
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I voted for the tubescreamer, but only because the TU-2 isn't technically an effect pedal.
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