I commend you on sounding like real Hardcore, like it used to be in the 80's. Your recordings need to be a little bit higher quality, though. Even for hardcore, they were pretty low quality. Check out my hardcore band if you want: www.myspace.com/derangedyouth
Like punk the way it used to be? Deranged Youth Its like what Warped Tour should be!

Want to hear something mind-blowing? Pit O' Bodies Its like an amateur hypnotist plus the Spanish Inquisition!
I quite liked your recordings, good quality. Are they live ones?
The project X cover was good, although Id maybe prefer the vocals abit more aggressive. Thats just an opinion though and I still liked them.

We do have a proper EP recorded in a studio, but the vocals don't sound so great, so we opted for the live ones which arnt as good quality :/