you let it slip
let it fall
let it crumble to the ground
i don't think
you were there
when it made that painful sound
I don't see you anymore
its just your body
just your face
where'd you go
there was not time to say goodbye
speak slow
so i can take every word you say
to my heart
i will not let you know
it doesn't seep
through very easily
they will tear and they will cut
but they will find their way in
and begin
to take root
swallow me alive
from somewhere deep inside
and i will become what you want
what you need
what you seek
in every person that you see
and all your pain
will leave
will find its way to me
but i will not break
i will not plea
for your help
or from anyone else
i will hold it down
i will let it surround me
i will let it drown me
i will let it be me
i will find a security
a comfort
in what i am
a disease
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