This guy on youtube bought some pickups, pots, wires, and a bunch of other electronics, an RG350 body, an original Floyd Rose, and a wizard maple neck with vine inlays and basically created his own customized JEM guitar. However, he didn't reveal the total cost of the whole project. You guys think that its possble to do something similar? How much would it cost for:

1. the body(preferably an RG, maybe RG350 black with steel pickguard)
2. a thin, rosewood or ebony wizard Ibanez neck
3. the best HSH dimarzio pickups
4. the tremolo
5. other electronics
6. a luthier to put this together(pitiful, but i would prefer a professional)

Lets assume the body is already polished and painted(only needs a monkey grip), and the neck only needs to be bolted on, but ready. Remember, you can buy every part of a guitar on ebay.
It is possible, but not cheap, the Tremolo alone is $250

not only will you have to cut the handle in it, but the tremolo route will need the lions claw routing in it, and also the jack will have to be moved to match the Jems, the heel will need to be shaped if you are going for an old style Jem and the upper frets need scalloping,

and then the body will need refinishing after the routing has taken place.

You could do all that yourself though...






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well, my luthier is also my teacher, so it shouldn't be that expensive. Besides, it will be a learning expirience for me
again, it will be similar to a jem, but more of a custom guitar, not a replica
you could. there are tons of really cool bodies floating around on ebay. check out sims custom shop too. i was very close to buying a cool chameleon green body, but decided against it. www.ibanezrules.com has tons of parts for you too. you could have all the parts for your "Jem Custom" in no time. like i said, i was very close to trying this. but i already have parts from a warmoth i need to assemble, and i was nervous about trying to put together a guitar with a trem too many variables for me.
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You can do it for cheap if you luck out.
There used to be (not sure if it's still around) a website that did JEM style replacement parts for super cheap (like £30 for a neck or body) which was very good quality (their hardware was **** mind).
It depends where you look.
But yeah, a used RG could be converted fairly easily.
But remember, you can sometimes find JEMs for £400-£600 on ebay, so if you pay more than that it becomes a bit pointless (if you're only doing this to get a JEM and not for the fun of the project).
I like the idea and it can be done. Actually, I was just about to do the same thing to my RG 570 before I decided to go the DIY way. For ebay stuff be sure what you buy is original instead of cheap copies otherwise I think it won't be worth the effort. I know this is not what you asked but have you thought about making one yourself? I mean if you have a luthier as a teacher and have access to tools and so on it wouldn't be too tough and you'd have a guitar you made yourself... just a thought.
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3. the best HSH dimarzio pickups


its what ever you want, there is no "best" pickups

you might want a high output, for a metal/hard rock, but it wont work for rock n roll/or soft rock...

but other than that sounds like a good idea, but you should do it yourself not that hard to put together a guitar
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yeah, your pickup choice is gonna depend on the sound you're lookin' for.
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If I were going to do something like this, I'd look for an old beat up (not too bad though) RG 550 or similar. They already have the same hardware (Original Edge or Lo-Pro trem) and will be far better than an RG350.
I guess a 550 or a 570 is good, but its the wiring I'm worried about. Higher-end guitars are wired by pros, compared to the lower-end ones, and I want my wiring to be done by a pro. But... if I follow step-by-step directions on the internet, will I be able to wire a guitar just as good as a pro with a Jem in Team J craft? Probably not, but if so, that would be awesome. I guess a monkey handle is unnecessary, but wut what about the lion's claw? Do I really need it? And I play metal, but I'm also a huge fan of shred, including(you guessed it) Steve Vai. Maybe... Dimarzio Evo + Air Norton + Super Distortion? Do you guys know which wirings I need, because I might have to redo the whole wiring in the body, unless the seller on ebay is willing to do it himself. Here is an ideal list:

Body + HSH Dimarzio set + wiring: $200 + $200 + $100(?) = $500
Neck(Wizard)= $150
Edge or OFR or ZR: $100
Other misc: $100

total ~850

Keep in mind, I'm getting all parts off ebay.

I think I'm a bit off...

Any ideas?
Wiring is easy as long as you can solder. Its pretty simple, check Youtube for some demonstrations on how to do it. I'd never used a soldering iron before and I build a fairly complicated distortion pedal as the first thing I'd ever really soldered. Its not that difficult, just practice. And, as long as the joins are strong, there will be absolutely no difference at all from a Team J Craft or J-Custom or whatever.

As for pickups, which way round did you list them? Was the SD in the bridge? Pickups are really personal preference, I'd probably go a PAF Pro in the neck and Evo in the bridge, and I dont really use the middle pickup.

You could buy a complete RG550 for about 300-500 on ebay, depending on what condition its in, and the pickups about 70-80 each (if you're in the US) It would be a lot cheaper to buy a complete guitar in decent condition than all the individual parts, then just upgrade the pickups.
As for the Lions Claw, its pretty much just for looks. Its what Steve put on his original Charvel superstrats so he could pull up with the trem, and the only purpose it serves on a JEM, other than for looks, is so the guitar can get a perfect fourth of pullup range (Only applies to the Lo-Pro, because of the added length)
Its only the soldering I'm worried about.

Personally, I would like to make the guitar myself, without the cutting wood part. Just wiring and and connecting the neck. So, I won't need a Lion's claw for an OFR?